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Emotions and Marginalised Communities – Emociones y comunidades marginadas

The first issue of a new review, Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies, is now available online. This special issue explores the role of emotions in shaping political, social and cultural traditions/decisions among marginalized communities and, at the same time, looks into how marginalized identities or emotions of marginalized communities are viewed by dominant groups.

Articles: PJHS-_Emotions_and_Marginalised_Comm

  • “Ethnographies of trauma and migrant emotions: South Asian visual narratives of war and displacement”, by Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes
  • Tears on silk: Cross-cultural emotional performances among Japanese-born Christians in seventeenth-century Batavia”, by Susan Broomhall
  • Uncivilized emotions: Romantic images and marginalisation of the Gitanos/Spanish gypsies”, by María Sierra
  • The politics of emotions: The Dalit and lower castes in Uttar Pradesh”, by Sujoy Dutta

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